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/ director, writer, editor

WHEN THERE WAS WATER. After a long separation, Ida’s encounter with her mother creates an unexpected sensation in her body. She begins resisting the forceful lens of her daily life, cutting off the outside world, as she tries to recreate the image of her mother in her mind and body.

writer, director & editor

starring: irma yuliana barbosa + idalis deleón
cinematography: lidia nikonova
sound design: shaun yee

producer: gia rigoli / discordia cine, nicole otero, dwayne leblanc
costume design: arielle cooper-lethem
production design: eloise ayala
color: elliott powell


Currently in Festivals 

BAMcinemaFest 2022, shorts program 1

SLIP. A woman arrives home at the end of a regular day, but as she begins to turn in for the night, she is overcome with a sense of restlessness. Unable to fit inside her own world, she needs out of her life. In an instant, she goes back out into the night. Her journey around a mostly vacant city, obscured by darkness, cascades in space and time, away from one feeling and in search of another.

A story of body and of perception. Going beyond the traditional use of sound in film, SLIP explores the way nighttime alters our perception and senses. 

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writer, director & editor

starring: valerie teicher aka tei shi
cinematography: alex ashe
sound design
: jackie zhou


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In theaters & virtual cinemas 2021 via Kino Lorber

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UNTITLED, IN PROCESS. An experimental documentary on Noah Davis conceived as a 4 channel installation.

dp/director & editor

Previously on view:

Frye Museum,  Seattle, Washington
California College of the Arts, SF